PlantBased Inspiration For The Whole Family

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Are you looking to eat more plantbased meals and want to be sure that you can still feel satisfied, energised and not sacrifice taste - by cutting out animal-based ingredients and keeping the family happy?

The struggle with ideas for with quick & healthy meals is real

According to Harvard Medical School, a balanced plantbased diet is well associated with a lower risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and death from any cause.

To me, this is a good enough reason to eat more plants. 

How about you?

Being able to inspire every member of your family to eat a bit more plants every day is something we all struggle with as Mums.

Whether it's our partners, children or in-laws, we can all do with some more good family favourites that we can whip out without too much thinking.

But to get there, we all need to scroll through some recipes together for inspiration! This is why I curated this easy and healthy recipe book - so that inspiration comes to you effortlessly and so does the actual meal. Plus it's healthy & delicious for you and your whole family.

Take time to go through the recipe book with your family and let everyone have a say at which ones they would like to try and which ones not so much. 

Making sure everyone feels heard when it comes to increasing the plants in your diet, means that they have less resistance - as 'they're part of the planning process'. 

Eating more plantbased foods as part of your daily diet means that you can:

  • plenty of fibre that will keep your gut happy 
  • bucketloads of vitamins and minerals 
  • help lower blood pressure and LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • reduce the risk of diabetes
  • help maintain a healthy weight
  • lower your risk of heart disease 
  • take care of the planet that we leave the next generation with

Taru Merikoski is a specialist PlantBased Nutrition Coach for Mums, working with women all over the world. Her approach to coaching is very much who she is - very Nordic: practical, science-based and truly empowering. Her mission is empowerment for a healthy, more plantbased future for our children's sake. 

Coaching with her provides you with support, accountability and lasting results. Since 2015, she's worked with 200+ wonderful people and helped them create positive changes that have lead to life-changing results. ​  

Read just some of the testimonials here.  

After becoming a Mum, Taru has fully focused her coaching practise to help busy, tired and stressed Mums and Mumpreneurs to find a balance in their lives through healthy, nutritious foods and a balanced lifestyle by eating a more plantbased diet.  

Having personally struggled with my health for years, only to come through to the other side like a whole new person... Having experienced it myself, I know what it's like, so I'm able to provide really bespoke and understanding coaching and support - tailored to your individual life and family situation.  

The ArcticNutâ„¢ Mission is to help Mums and Mumpreneurs all over the world to feel balanced, more energised and confident about themselves, their weight and the food they eat and feed their families with, all with the power of plants. 

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